Building Inspections & Permits

2022.4.5 Revised Residential Building Packet
Accessory Building Application and Checklist
Alarm System Permit Application
Application to Display Event Banner
Contractor Registration Form
Dark Sky: Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting
My GovOnline Portal Guide
MyGovernmentOnline Portal
Click here to schedule building Inspections & and submit permits online.
New User My GovOnline
Guide for New Users to MyGovernmentOnline
Peddler/Solicitor/Merchant application and requirements
Right of Way Occupancy Permit

City Maps

City of Jonestown City Limits-E.T.J. Map (2022)
City of Jonestown Zoning Map (2022)
City of Jonestown Annexation History Map (2023)
2023-2025 Street Maintenance Plan
2023 Proposed Street Maintenance Project Map
2023 Street Maintenance Projects
2023 Street Maintenance Projects
20231218 - Executed Agreement KPA COJ
20231218 - Executed Agreement KPA COJ
2024 Annual City of Jonestown Curbside Cleanup Day
2024 Annual City of Jonestown Curbside Cleanup Day
2024 City of Jonestown Trash & Recycle Calendar
2024 Invitation for Bids, Aerial Lift Bucket Truck
2024 Invitation for Bids, Aerial Lift Bucket Truck
Adopted FY2023/24 Street Maintenance Project Plan
Adopted FY2023/24 Street Maintenance Project Plan
Short Term Rental Overlay Map (Revised 2023)
Floodplain Map (2023)
An overview of the most susceptible flood plain areas and major flood way zone.
Future Land Use Map
Jones Brothers Park Map (2023)
A complete amenities map of Jones Brothers Park.
Veteran's Memorial Park Map (2023)
A complete amenities map of Veteran's Memorial Park.

City Secretary

2024 COJ_Street Maintenance Contract Book
2024 COJ Street Maintenance Contract Book
2024 COJ_Street Maintenance Plans
2024 COJ Street Maintenance Plans
Aerial Lift Bucket - City of Jonestown
AERIAL LIFT BUCKET TRUCK – CITY OF JONESTOWN ADVERTISEMENT AND INVITATION FOR BIDS The City of Jonestown will receive bids for a New Aerial Lift Bucket Truck until 2:00 pm on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at City Hall, 18649 FM 1431, Suite 4A, Jonestown, Texas, 78645. Submittals must be submitted in sealed envelopes and marked “2023 – Aerial Lift Bucket Truck IFB” The bids will be publicly opened and read aloud after the closing time listed above at City Hall.
Boards/Commission/Committee Application
Request for Public Information

City of Jonestown Fee Schedule

City of Jonestown Fee Schedule - Revised 10/2023
Find general fees as well as fees for the following departments: library, park & events, burglar alarms, animal control, building regulations, pools, spas, home remodeling, construction, plumbing, electrical, commercial, residential, signs, businesses, fire prevention & protection, municipal court, subdivision regulation, offenses & nuisances, taxation, traffic & vehicles, utilities, water, sewer and more.

Code Enforcement

General Complaint Form
Top 10 Code Violations

Emergency Management

City of Jonestown Emergency Management Plan
Declaration of Disaster
Disaster caused by severe weather
Department of Homeland Security Website
FEMA Website
Resolution NO. 2021-R-456
State of Texas Emergency Management Plan
Travis County Emergency Management Plan
Williamson County Emergency Management

Emergency Management: Annex A-V

Annex A--Warning
Annex B--Communications
Annex C--Shelter and Mass Care
Annex D--Radiological Protection
Annex E--Evacuation
Annex F--Firefighting
Annex G--Law Enforcement
Annex H--Health and Medical Services
Annex I--Public Information
Annex J--Recovery
Annex K--Public Works and Engineering
Annex L--Utilities
Annex M--Resource Management
Annex N--Direction and Control
Annex O--Human Services
Annex P--Hazard Mitigation
Annex Q--Hazardous Materials and Oil Spill Response
Annex R--Search and Rescue
Annex S--Transportation
Annex T--Donations Management
Annex U--Legal
Annex V--Terrorist Incident Response

Finance, Tax, & Budget

2012 Bond Debt Service
2019 Debt Service
2022 Annual Local Hotel Occupancy Tax
Debt Transparency Pledge

Finance: Adopted Budgets

2008-2009 Adopted Budget
FY2009-2010 Adopted Budget
FY2010-2011 Adopted Budget
FY2011-2012 Adopted Budget
FY2012-2013 Adopted Budget
FY2013-2014 Adopted Budget
FY2014-2015 Adopted Budget
FY2015-2016 Adopted Budget
FY2016-2017 Adopted Budget
FY2017-2018 Adopted Budget
FY2018-2019 Adopted Budget
FY2019-2020 Adopted Budget
FY2020-2021 Adopted Budget
FY2021-2022 Adopted Budget
FY2022-2023 Adopted Budget
FY2023-2024 Adopted Budget

Finance: Amended Budgets

FY2008-2009 Amended Budget
FY2009-2010 Amended Budget
FY2010-2011 Amended Budget
FY2011-2012 Amended Budget
FY2013-2014 Amended Budget
FY2014-2015 Amended Budget
FY2015-2016 Amended Budget
FY2016-2017 Amended Budget
FY2017-2018 Amended Budget
FY2018-2019 Amended Budget
FY2019- 2020 Amended Budget
FY2020-2021 Amended Budget
FY2021-2022 Amended Budget
FY2022-2023 Amended Budget (B)
FY2022-2023 Amended Budget (A)
FY2023-2024 Amended Budget A

Finance: Audits

FY2008-2009 Audit
FY2009-2010 Audit
FY2010-2011 Audit
FY2011-2012 Audit
FY2012-2013 Audit
FY2013-2014 Audit
FY2014-2015 Audit
FY2015-2016 Audit
FY2016-2017 Audit
FY2017-2018 Audit
FY2018-2019 Audit
FY2019-2020 Audit
FY2020-2021 Audit
FY2021-2022 Audit
FY2022-2023 Audit

Forms & Applications

2023 Proposed Street Maintenance Project Plan
Resident/Property Owner Application for Vehicle Parking Permit for Jones Brothers Park

Garbage & Recycling

2023 Waste & Recycling Calendar
Residential Garbage Rules (2019)

Library Advisory Board Agendas

2022-01-06 LAB agenda
2022-04-21 LAB scm agenda
2022-07-07 LAB agenda
2022-10-06 LAB agenda
2023-01-02 LAB agenda
2024-01-04 LAB Agenda
2023-04-06 LAB agenda
2023-04-27 LAB agenda
2023-07-06 LAB agenda
2023-10-19 LAB Agenda
2024-04-04 LAB agenda

Library Advisory Board Minutes

2020-02-06 Library Board minutes
2020-08-06 Library Board minutes
2020-10-01 Library Board minutes
2020-10-29 Library Board minutes
2021-01-07 Library Board minutes
2021-03-18 Library Board minutes
2022-07-07 Library Board minutes
2022-10-06 Library Board minutes
2023-01-05 Library Board minutes
2023-04-06 Library Board minutes
2023-04-27 Library Board minutes
2023-07-06 Library Board minutes
2023-10-19 Library Board minutes
2024-01-04 Library Board minutes

Municipal Court

Court Pamphlet
Court procedures, your rights, plea information, payment options


Amend FY 21-22 budget
Amending boat tie up
Annexing Pan Hills
Amending chapter 9 personnel
Zone Change Pan Hills 3.01 acres
Zone Change Pan Hills 217.9 acres
Adopted budget FY22-23
Amend FY 22-23 budget
Levying ad valorem taxes FY 22-23
10702 Laurel Lane
Remove Destination Way as prohibited location for golf carts
City of Jonestown Code of Ordinances
Online Code (eCode360) book including legislation through Ord. No. 2023-O-631 adopted March 9, 2023.

Parks & Recreation

Boat Launch Annual Permit Application

Parks and Rec Board Agendas

2022-02-16 P&R agenda
2022-02-28 P&R agenda
2022-03-28 P&R agenda
2022-04-11 P&R agenda
2022-04-25 P&R agenda
2022-05-30 P&R agenda
2022-06-27 P&R agenda
2022-07-11 P&R agenda
2022-07-25 P&R agenda
2022-08-08 P&R agenda
2022-08-29 P&R agenda
2022-09-26 P&R agenda
2022-11-07 P&R agenda
2023-01-30 P&R agenda
2023-02-27 P&R agenda
2023-03-27 P&R agenda
2023-04-24 P&R agenda
2023-06-05 P&R agenda
2023-08-21 P&R agenda
2023-09-18 P&R agenda
2023-10-16 P&R Agenda
2023-11-20 P&R Agenda
2023-12-18 P&R agenda

Parks and Rec Board Minutes

2020-09-28 Park Board minutes
2020-10-26 Park Board minutes
2021-01-25 Park Board minutes
2021-03-01 Park Board minutes
2021-03-29 Park Board Minutes
2021-05-24 Park Board minutes
2021-06-28 Park Board minutes
2021-07-26 Park Board Minutes
2021-08-30 Park Board Minutes
2022-02-16 Park Board minutes
2022-02-28 Park Board minutes
2022-03-28 Park Board minutes
2022-04-11 Park Board minutes
2022-04-25 Park Board minutes
2022-05-30 Park Board minutes
2022-06-24 Park Board minutes
2022-07-11 Park Board minutes
2022-07-25 Park Board minutes
2022-08-08 Park Board minutes
2023-02-27 Parks Board minutes
2023-03-27 Park Board minutes
2023-03-27 Parks Board minutes
2023-04-24 Park Board minutes
2023-06-05 Park Board minutes
2023-07-10 Park Board minutes
2023-08-21 Park Board minutes
2023-09-18 Park Board minutes
2023-10-16 Park Board minutes
2023-11-20 Park Board minutes

Planning and Zoning

Agenda Request Form Board of Adjustments
(for variances from building regulation and zoning ordinances; special exceptions; appeals)
Agenda Request Form Planning & Zoning/City Council
(for conditional use permits, zoning changes, subdivisions, subdivision variances)
Annexation Petition
Application to Amend A Plat
Conditional Use Permit Application
Pre-Application Conference Request
Short Form Final Plat Application
Subdivision Application Form

Planning and Zoning Commission minutes

2022-01-05 P&Z minutes
2022-02-09 P&Z minutes
2022-03-03 P&Z minutes
2022-04-07 P&Z minutes
2022-06-02 P&Z minutes
2022-07-07 P&Z minutes
2022-09-01 P&Z minutes
2022-10-06 P&Z minutes
2022-11-03 P&Z minutes
2023-01-05 P&Z minutes
2023-02-06 P&Z minutes
2023-03-02 P&Z minutes
2023-04-06 P&Z minutes

Planning: City Adopted Plans

Comprehensive Plan 2023
Economic Development Planning Update 2017-2027
update to the Comprehensive Plan, approved by City Council February 13, 2019
Future Land Use Map
Traffic Impact Analysis and Access Management Manual
Approved by City Council March 11, 2021, ordinance 2021-O-587
Transportation Capital Improvement Plan Final 2016-2021
approved by City Council 8-25-2016
Vision Statement 2023
Adopted July 13, 2023

Police Department

Alarm System Permit
Registration Application Form
Jonestown Police Complaint Form
PD Officer Complaint Procedures
Reference Document Chapter 49
Burglar Alarm Systems
Street Address Posting JPD
Public Notice: Post Legible and Visible Address Numbers


Disclaimer/Privacy Policy
Required Internet Posting
Required Internet Posting
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